Xbox Insiders Can Now Enjoy Dolby Vision Gaming on the Xbox Series X/S

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This will improve image quality by offering better brightness, contrast, and sharpness levels.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is adding Dolby Vision HDR gaming support to the Xbox Series X/S with the latest update on the Insider Alpha Ring. The company will eventually roll out Dolby Vision support on its latest gaming consoles to the public after receiving feedback about the feature from users on the Insider Alpha ring.

Dolby Vision HDR will offer improved image quality and highlights, leading to a better gaming experience.

Xbox Series X/S Are the First Consoles to Support Dolby Vision

The Xbox Series X/S are the first consoles to support Dolby Vision HDR for gaming. Sony’s PlayStation 5 only supports HDR gaming, with the company not making it clear if it intends to bring Dolby Vision support to it or not.

For now, Microsoft is rolling out Dolby Vision support on the Xbox Series X/S to gamers on its invite-only Insider Alpha ring. After necessary testing and feedback, it will then roll out the feature to the public.

Microsoft recently rolled out the May 2021 update for the Xbox Series X/S consoles, which further improved the Quick Resume feature, added audio passthrough, and a new dynamic background.

You Need a Dolby Vision Compatible TV

To enjoy Dolby Vision gaming on the Xbox Series X/S, you must also have a Dolby Vision-compatible TV. Samsung, one of the largest TV OEMs, does not support Dolby Vision. Instead, it backs the less advanced HDR10 standard. LG TVs support Dolby Vision HDR, but only its 2021 models support it at full 4K 120Hz.

Dolby is working with TV OEMs to add Dolby Vision support at full 4K 120Hz. You can check if your TV supports Dolby Vision or not by pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox controller and then navigating to Profile & system > Settings > General TV & display options > 4K TV details.


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Dolby Vision Will Improve Image Quality of Xbox Games

With Dolby Vision HDR, Xbox games will offer better image quality, including more vivid colors, higher brightness levels, black levels, and color saturation. The Xbox Series X/S already support HDR10, but Dolby Vision will offer a bigger jump in image quality. The latter offers dynamic metadata control that allows creators to manage the brightness, contrast, and black levels on a frame-by-frame basis.

This is different from HDR10, where the same metadata is applied to an entire clip. On the flip side, adding Dolby Vision HDR support to games will likely require more work from developers.

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