Why the Xbox Series X mini-fridge was my favorite announcement at E3

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Over the weekend, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X mini fridge. After 18 months of memes and jokes about the Xbox Series X looking like a refrigerator, Microsoft fully embraced the meme and showcased the upcoming mini-fridge at E3.

Our piece on the fridge’s announcement breaks down the history of how Microsoft embraced the meme, including partnering with energy drink maker ZOA to make a limited range of Xbox mini-fridges. Hype for console-themed fridges only grew after that.

I hope this is a sign that Microsoft will make more whacky products that fans clamor for. From the white Xbox Onesie to the Pride Xbox Controller that you can’t buy, Microsoft has too many products that fans can drool over but never get their hands on.

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Turn into the skid

Marketing and managing a brand is tricky. Like trying to make a cult classic film on purpose, creating whacky products is more art than science. We’ve all seen companies try to act cool and come off more like the “hello fellow kids” meme. So when a Microsoft product sparks memes across the web and genuine interest from people, I want to see Microsoft embrace it.

I’d love to purchase an Xbox Series S boombox or at least a Bluetooth speaker that looks like one. I’ll listen to music on it while I grab a drink from my Xbox Series X mini-fridge and chomp on some Moa Pringles. Bonus points for the fact that I’d actually be able to get my hands on them, unlike a new console.

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Is it just me?

I recognize that Microsoft can’t throw money at every meme that comes buy, but with something that takes over the web like the Xbox Series X mini-fridge, I think Microsoft made the right choice by embracing it.

I’d like to hope that I’m not the only one that likes whacky memorabilia and memes turned into reality. Will you buy an Xbox Series X mini-fridge? Do you want Microsoft to make more meme products? Let us know in the poll above and the comments below.

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