What Is Easy Mode on Sam­sung Galaxy Smartphones?

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Samsung Galaxy phones feature a special Easy Mode. But what exactly is it, and when should you use it?


Samsung’s One UI is among the best software from third-party smartphone makers. Even though you miss out on the stock Android experience, it packs additional nifty features. But some of these features are hidden deep inside the Settings app.

Easy Mode is one of those features. It has been part of One UI for quite some time, going far back to the Galaxy S4. If you have no idea what Easy Mode is, read on.

What is Easy Mode?

Easy Mode is a feature found on Samsung Galaxy devices that streamlines the user interface to a simpler version. It strips out the Samsung launcher, replacing it with an easier-to-use interface. Easy Mode also increases system-wide font size, making it ideal for seniors or even users with eyesight problems. This is also a great feature for first-time smartphone users.

Easy Mode has been an exclusive One UI feature for some time and provides Samsung Galaxy users an easy way to simplify their devices. When turned on, there’s less clutter and less complication.

Besides, Easy Mode increases the size of items on the screen, plus the keyboard is added with high contrast for better readability. It also reduces accidental touches by using a longer touch-and-hold delay.

Why and When You Should Use Easy Mode

Now that you understand what Easy Mode is all about, when should you use it? First, Easy Mode is an ideal solution for those who have eyesight problems. Second, it’s a more accessible alternative to seniors who may find the current Samsung launcher a bit too complicated to understand.

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You can also use Easy Mode if you want a more straightforward UI that ditches all your fancy home screen customization. Using a less cluttered screen might also save you some battery juice. And lastly, it doesn’t hurt to try the simpler side of things as well.

How to Enable Easy Mode

If you want a streamlined experience on your device, away from the fancy customizations, one quick way to do so is to activate Easy Mode. Here’s how you can activate Easy Mode on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Display from the Settings menu.
  3. Select Easy Mode. You’ll be taken to a dedicated Easy Mode settings page.
  4. Tap the slider adjacent to Easy Mode to activate it.

Once enabled, you’ll be taken into a simpler home screen.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones with Easy Mode

So does your Samsung Galaxy smartphone support Easy Mode? High chances are it does.

Easy Mode is built inside One UI and is available for all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Every Samsung smartphone has the feature from the flagship Galaxy S and Note series to the mid-range and budget Galaxy A series phones.

Simplify Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Custom ROMs like Samsung’s One UI often come packed with lots of different features. Some handy, some just unnecessary. Easy Mode falls on the positive side enabling you to simplify your device without any overhead.

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