Watch Dogs Legion online coming March 9 on consoles, delayed on PC

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Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode has been delayed on PC, but will arrive on consoles next week, Ubisoft announces.

The anticipated online mode for Watch Dogs Legion is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles on March 9.

The mode is standalone, not unlike GTA Online, complete with seasonal objectives that rotate over time. The main drawing point is the online co-op that lets players team up to take on missions with emphasis on stealth, all-out chaos, and hacking.

The endgame Tactical Ops mode won’t come until March 24. This gives players enough time to unlock enough gear, work on teamwork, and build up their DedSec rosters. Ubisoft is following Bungie’s footsteps with Tactical Ops, and it’s a lot like a Nightfall strike that’ll reset if one player dies.

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There’s also the Spiderbot arena, a more chaotic PVP setup where gamers just dish out mayhem on each other in free-for-all battles.

Sadly, Ubisoft isn’t exactly sure when Watch Dogs Legion’s PC multiplayer is coming. Check below for more info on Legion’s online modes:

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