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Kelvin/Menga Man

Jenga is hard enough when you play it the regular way. This guy, however, kicked it up to hard mode and stacked over 1,500 Jenga blocks atop a single vertical Jenga block. And hey, it only took 11 hours.

During this downright impressive build, Kelvin (aka Menga Man) broke his own previous world record of stacked Jenga blocks. Previously, he stacked just over 1,000 blocks on top of a single vertical block in a spiral column-shaped design. But this time, he added another 500, crafting a shape that resembles a bees nest.

Kelvin didn’t use any glue or any other means to fasten or secure any of the 1,512 blocks to one another. Just physics and ingenuity. The video is a 120x sped up time-lapse of the build, as it took him 11 hours to build before it came toppling down as he tried to photograph it.

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By far, though, the most exciting part of the video is watching Kelvin’s heart rate surge. You can see the moments where things got tense. As the video continues, his heart rate continually gets higher, peaking at just over 153 beats per minute. So, you’d better go get your own Jenga set and see if you can beat his record while trying to keep your cool.

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