This Facebook AI can deepfake text style in an image even from a single example

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Facebook today has launched TextStyleBrush research project, the company’s new AI that can replicate and reproduce the text styles in an image. The model can even do so using just a single example source deepfake style. Not only image text styles, TextStyleBrush also works effectively on handwritings too. The technology is based on self-supervised learning which means that manual input required for the model is low making it generally fast.

The AI analyses the text aesthetic of the provided source image and then produces a different output text but with the same style. Below are some examples of text styles as well as handwritings:

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As is often the case with AI rendered images, the outputs all seem to be somewhat blurrier in appearance compared to the source images but we can see that the technology, for the most part, seems to work quite well.

One of the purposes of publishing the TextStyleBrush research, says Facebook, is to utilize the available knowledge and research data to prevent the misuse of the technology in the future once it is more widely available. The company is well aware of situations that can arise due to the abuse and exploitation of such technologies when it ends up in wrong hands.

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You can read more about TextStyleBrush in the official blog post here and if you are interested in its technical details, you can find them here.

Next stop, Faces?

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