The Best Place to Sell Your Old Phone

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Let’s face it, you only need to look at the release schedule of any smartphone brand to see how quickly handsets can fall out of favor with users. So if you have a handset you don’t want—or need—any more, what do you do?

You could try selling it, but that creates a minefield of its own. There are so many websites out there offering to buy or trade-in handset, it is difficult to know where to start.

Fortunately, there are websites like that can make the whole task of selling your phone a simple one. Let’s take a look at what SellCell has to offer.

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What Is SellCell?

SellCell is a price comparison website that allows you to sell your phone, or any other tech, to a wide range of verified buyers. So, if you have an iPhone to trade-in, for example, you would simply head to, find your handset, and the website will do the rest for you.

It might sound simple, and that’s because it is. Rather than trawling the web looking for a reputable dealer who you trust enough to sell your iPhone (and there are a lot of disreputable ones out there), you can have SellCell do all the legwork. You can even get your payment in cash!

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SellCell will also always get you the most cash for your old phone because it compares 40+ buyers. It is so confident of achieving the best price that it offers a Best Price Guarantee. This means if you find the handset for a better price elsewhere, SellCell will pay you double the difference back!

So, if you want to sell your old phone, SellCell lets you do that. But you can also use SellCell to buy a handset as well.

Using exactly the same methods, you can find a reputable dealer from which you can buy a smartphone. The handsets available are refurbished phones, meaning they cost less than a brand new handset, yet function just as well.

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So, if you’re tired of your old Samsung, you would just head to SellCell’s website and check out the refurbished Samsung phones available via their trusted vendors. You could even trade in your old handset at the same time and offset the cost of your next phone.

So, how do you use SellCell to trade in or buy a smartphone? Let’s look at the process involved.

Selling Your Phone With SellCell

selling phone for cash

Trading in or selling your old handset via SellCell is a straightforward process. The website is easy to navigate, with the ability to start the selling process immediately present on the landing page.

We tested the process out to see just how easy it is to sell your phone with a comparison site like SellCell. The results are below.

For this example, imagine you want to trade in an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not because you don’t like the phone, but you need something a little smaller like the iPhone 12 Pro.

Starting off selling your smartphone couldn’t be simpler. Simply head to and it will present you with a landing page that allows you to search for your specific phone model, straight away.

Just type the name of your phone model into the search bar in the middle of the page and hit enter. Alternatively, you can navigate to your specific handset via the menu bar in the middle of the page.

SellCell Sell Phone website page

We’ve searched for our iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is in like-new condition and has 512 MB storage. It is also carrier-locked; for the purpose of this example, our carrier is Verizon.

sell iphone page sellcell

As you can see, SellCell has returned results based on our search parameters. You can only see the two best prices in the screenshot above, but you get plenty more options if you wanted to choose a different buyer.

The search results show a number of things that are helpful for you when you sell your iPhone. First it displays the potential buyers in order, with the buyer offering the most cash for your phone at the top of the list.

Using SellCell to sell your phone, you can easily see if a buyer is trustworthy. This is because you can view the Trustpilot reviews for every buyer on SellCell, simply by checking the score next to each vendor’s logo. Note that these reviews may come from Google or another similar review service, not just Trustpilot.

As you can see, iSurgeon has a score of 4.5, over 44 reviews. has a perfect score of 5 stars, over 305 reviews.

You can also see the important terms you need to consider before you sell your phone. Is shipping free? Are returns also free? When do you get paid? And how long is the price valid for? All of these criteria are found in the middle box next to each buyer’s logo.

Finally, the most important part. How much will you get paid for your phone? As said, the buyer offering the most cash for your phone will display automatically at the top of the list of results. Here, iSurgeon is offering $1021.00 for our iPhone 12 Pro Max, so we will take that price.

Once you have decided on a buyer, you just need to click get paid and SellCell will direct you to the vendor’s website so you can complete the transaction. It really is that easy!

Buying a Phone With SellCell

The process to buy a refurbished phone from SellCell is just like buying from any other website.

In this example, we want a refurbished Samsung phone for a teenager. We don’t want to spend a lot of money in case it gets broken or damaged, so it doesn’t matter if the phone is showing signs of wear.

sellcell buy refurbished phone

Just head to the SellCell buy page and enter the phone model you want to buy in the search box, then hit enter.

buy refurbished samsung phone results page sellcell

We found a nice Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, in good condition and carrier unlocked for just over $550. Quite a steal when you consider the handset costs upwards of $1,000 brand new.

Once you have searched for the smartphone you want to buy, you can see the same Trustpilot criteria for each vendor selling refurbished phones. Once you’re happy that you’ve found the phone you want, just hit Buy Now and SellCell will whisk you away to the seller’s website to complete the transaction.

You’ll also notice that Klarna is available as a financing option when you buy a phone with SellCell. If a website has Klarna as a payment option, this generally means it is more trustworthy than a site only offering card payments.

Why? Because Klarna vets companies who wish to offer its service as a payment option. Klarna wouldn’t put its name to a nefarious website, so this is a bonus string to SellCell’s bow. Plus, it means you can spread the cost of your phone, making it even more cost effective.

In all, the buying process is incredibly easy. It is just like shopping around for a refurbished handset, except you can do your shopping around in one place, as SellCell does the legwork for you!

Does SellCell Buy or Sell Other Tech?

White Xbox controller

It does! So if you want to sell your Xbox or trade in your iPad, you can. Just follow the same steps as in the example above and you’ll have cash in the bank before you know it.

Likewise, if you wanted to buy a refurbished Apple Watch, you can do that too, along with all manner of other tech from games consoles to tablets.

SellCell Takes the Hard Work Out of Selling or Buying Tech

SellCell really makes life a lot easier in getting rid of unwanted tech. Why have loads of old devices sat around the house when you can convert them to cash without a hitch? Whether it is a smart wearable, cell phone, console, or tablet, you can find the best price on SellCell, no problem.

At the same time, you can offset the value of a device you trade in or sell, via SellCell, and use that to buy a refurbished console or smartphone. With a wide range of tech to choose from, and a variety of trustworthy vendors, selling old unwanted tech, or buying refurbished tech, has never been easier than with SellCell.

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