Spatial is now hosting NFT galleries for artists to display their work

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Spatial today launched a new beta version of its virtual collaboration platform, which introduces a browser version of the application so you can access Spatial without installing anything. Along with the update, the company partnered with a handful of NFT artists to create art galleries to share digital artwork with the world.


Spatial just launched a new update to its virtual collaboration platform that brings the non-headset version of the app closer to parity with the headset version of the app. Spatial said that over the last year, only half of its users used AR or VR headsets. With strong numbers of non-headset users, the company invested in improving their experience, leading to the creation of the web app version of Spatial.

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While Spatial was building the web version of its platform, the world of NFT digital artwork exploded. The Spatial team saw an opportunity to create something unique with its technology.

“We opened up the platform a year ago and have since logged 10 million minutes in Spatial – with 50% of those being non-headset users. We wanted to really invest in that and bring the full potential of Spatial to everyone, on any platform they choose, “said Anand Agarawala, CEO and Co-founder of Spatial. “With so many of us working remotely from our desktops for the long term, why should collaboration be one-dimensional when we aren’t? This update is game-changing for us in giving access to the full power of Spatial to all and in expanding our reach to new communities. We’re excited to be the first to empower NFT creatives to get their work noticed in ways that have never been done before.”

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Spatial’s NFT art gallery solution enables artists to put their 2D and 3D digital artwork on display for anyone to see. Spatial created an art gallery environment to work with, but it also enables artists to create and use their own environments to display their work.

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Throughout May and June, Spatial will host a series of public exhibitions featuring the work of several NFT influencers, including Federico Clapis, Krista Kim and Jarlan Perez. TheOpenSea and SuperRare NFT marketplaces will also host art exhibitions on Spatial. The full calendar of events is available on Spatial’s website.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Spatial to promote the work of our unique and talented artists in a beautifully designed gallery setting. The 3D web app allows an incredible sense of immersion in the space, and the ability to highlight their work is key to our core mission of empowering all kinds of creators.” Hamish Barnes, Growth & Community Lead at OpenSea.

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The new version of Spatial is available today. You can sign up for free at

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