Sony confirms new PSVR in development, not coming this year

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Sony today confirmed that it is developing a new PlayStation VR headset for the PlayStation 5 console. The new device would offer better displays, a wider field of view, better tracking, and new controllers.


Sony recently launched the PlayStation 5 console, and with it came support for the existing PSVR headset. Before the launch of the PS5 console, Sony wasn’t very forthright with the details about its next VR system. Until today, we didn’t know for sure that Sony would carry on with VR for the new console generation. The company’s executives made it seem like we wouldn’t see a new headset anytime soon.

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A handful of patents have been uncovered in recent months, including a design for new motion controllers that includes additional buttons and a thumbstick for each hand. The patent diagram shows a pair of wand controllers that resemble Valve’s Index controllers, with a sensor-embedded halo that wraps around the wands. Sony said the new controllers would integrate features from the DuelSense wireless controllers, although it didn’t elaborate on which features precisely.

Sony said the new controllers would offer better ergonomics than the existing Move motion controllers.

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As for the headset, we don’t know much about it yet. Sony confirmed that the new device would have a higher resolution than the PSVR. If it weren’t better, we would be shocked, considering the PSVR headset offers a 1080p display, the lowest resolution found in any current VR device. A wider field of view is also in the cards. If we had to bet, we would expect a dual display set up in the next headset.

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The only detail that we know for sure about the headset is that it would feature a single cable that connects to the PlayStation 5 console. The new headset would not require a breakout box like the current PSVR headset.

Sony didn’t say when the new PSVR would be available, but the company confirmed that we wouldn’t see the new headset in 2021. Given that Sony usually releases new consoles and significant accessories at the end of the year, we would guess that holiday 2022 is the headset’s target release..

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