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Some Lenovo laptops can now be turned into Amazon Alexa smart displays


You don’t need to buy an Echo Show to experience the convenience of a smart display. That’s because Amazon has launched a new Show Mode for PCs, which is available exclusively on select Lenovo Yoga, IdeaPad, and ThinkPad Windows 10 devices. Amazon and Lenovo first announced the feature at CES earlier this year.

With Show Mode enabled, users can perform similar actions to those that are available on Alexa-equipped smart displays. That includes controlling your smart home, catching up on trending news stories, and listening to music. You can also create reminders, play games, browse recipes, and create to-do lists.

“From convertible laptops to notebooks, the rich, responsive visuals adapt seamlessly to different Lenovo PC form factors,” Amazon said in a blog post. “Show Mode brings new life to PCs by allowing users to do more with their PC, even when they step away from it.”

To turn on Show Mode, either click on the “Show Mode” button in the Alexa app on your PC or say, “Alexa, open Show Mode.” It sounds like you can also set the feature to turn on when your Lenovo PC goes idle.

“We are excited to bring Alexa’s rich, visual ambient experience to PCs.” said Aaron Rubenson, Vice President Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Skills. “Customers love the fact that Alexa is always accessible. With Show Mode, Alexa is helping make PCs more versatile and adaptive, enabling richer experiences throughout the home or wherever customers may take their PC.”

Bringing the feature to existing devices is an awesome way to extend their functionality. It makes me yearn for the wall-mounted Echo smart display that was rumored earlier this year.

Show Mode is current exclusive to select Lenovo Windows 10 PCs in the U.S., UK, Germany, Japan India, Ireland, Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. Amazon said that the feature will be available on additional PCs later this year.


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