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Is Samsung preparing to release a new foldable? Samsung quietly removed the Galaxy Z Fold 2 from its U.S. webstore, leaving behind a message stating that the “Galaxy Fold” is no longer available for purchase. Confusingly, Samsung names the wrong phone in this message, and the original Galaxy Fold is still on its webstore.

At a glance, this story may seem pretty cut and dry. Samsung is rumored to release a Galaxy Z Fold 3 this fall, so the company is discontinuing its Galaxy Z Fold 2. But the company hasn’t confirmed that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is actually discontinued, and it’s still selling the phone outside of the United States.

The Galaxy Fold is no longer available for purchase on, however please take a look at additional options in the Galaxy family

The language in Samsung’s message is also quite odd. It states that the “Galaxy Fold” is no longer on sale, which isn’t the correct name for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Plus, Samsung is still selling the original Galaxy Fold!

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been missing from Samsung’s store for almost a full day, so its removal was probably intentional (again, Samsung hasn’t released a statement). It’s possible that Samsung simply ran out of Galaxy Z Fold 2 units for the U.S and doesn’t plan to manufacture more due to the upcoming, rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 release.

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