Realme C25s India launch seems to be close as phone gets registered on IMEI database

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Realme launched three new C-series smartphones last month, the Realme C20, Realme C21, and the Realme C25. Earlier today, we also got to know that the company is preparing to launch the Realme C20A in Bangladesh. However, these aren’t the only C-series devices for this year. Today, a new C-series smartphone – the Realme C25s – has been spotted on the Indian IMEI website as well as the NBTC platform, courtesy of MySmartPrice. This is the first appearance of the smartphone. These certifications not only confirm the existence of the Realme C25s but also hint towards the launch of the device in the Indian market.

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Realme C25s might launch in India soon

An unannounced Realme smartphone bearing the model number RMX3195 was spotted on the Indian IMEI website today. While the website didn’t reveal the name of the smartphone, the same model was spotted on the NBTC certification platform, revealing that the marketing name of the RMX3195 is Realme C25s. As the device has been registered in the Indian IMEI database, it is highly likely that the Realme C25s will launch in the Indian market.

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The Indian IMEI database reveals that the Realme C25s will have 4G connectivity. And that is the only piece of useful information that could be gathered from the website. As for the NBTC certification, it doesn’t reveal any specifications apart from confirming that the RMX3195 is the Realme C25s. As the Realme C25s has been spotted for the first time today, there is very little we know about the device at the moment.

That being said, the name of the smartphone suggests that the Realme C25s will be an advanced variant of the Realme C25. Take the Realme C21 for example. It is basically Realme C20 with higher RAM and storage capacity. Maybe the brand will take the same route for this upcoming C-series smartphone. The Realme C25s could basically be a Realme C25 with higher RAM and storage capacities. However, it is hard to say anything at the moment.

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Currently, there is no information regarding the Realme C25s price in India and specifications. Hopefully, we will know more as the device gets certified from other platforms.

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