PUBG Mobile season count could be reset with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is widely expected to launch in India on June 18th. The upcoming game is expected to have seasons, just like PUBG Mobile. Each new season, as you might know, brings new outfits and challenges. When Battlegrounds Mobile India launches in the country, it should logically kick off with season one. Well, it looks like Krafton would be taking advantage of this opportunity to reset the season count in PUBG Mobile. As you might know, PUBG Mobile is currently in season 19. However, according to new reports, PUBG Mobile will be reset to season 1 with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Krafton could reintroduce season one (SS1/RS1) in PUBG Mobile

Krafton has recently released PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta for developers. This version of the game has references to Super Season 1 (SS1) and Retro Season 1 (RS1) in a few video files, which suggests that Krafton would be resetting the season count in the next stable version of PUBG Mobile. A few people are also calling this a “Season Reboot,” which could mean that season one could be reintroduced into PUBG Mobile with new features (retro outfits, challenges, and more). According to e-sports players and content creators, we could see the same Super Season 1 (SS1) and Retro Season 1 (RS1) in Battlegrounds Mobile India as well, after all, BGMI is basically a slightly modified version of PUBG Mobile.

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Krafton could have kept continuing the season count in PUBG Mobile while it launched Battlegrounds Mobile India with season one. After all, PUBG Mobile will not be connected to Battlegrounds Mobile India in any way. You cannot play BGMI will players in PUBG Mobile. So, it doesn’t make sense why Krafton would be resetting the season count in PUBG Mobile because of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Maybe the game developer wants to sync the season count of both games to make it easier for players and developers to keep a track of what is going on in which game. On a related note, Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date expected to be June 18th.

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