PS5 India restock and Digital Edition launch date revealed

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Recently, a Sony executive admitted that PS5 consoles would be hard to come by for the better part of 2021. However, we finally have some good news for those looking to get their hands on a PS5 in India. IGN India has heard from multiple sources that the official PS5 India restock date is set for May 17th. However, availability could be a bit limited, as the consoles will only be purchasable in areas where no lockdowns are in effect and e-commerce platforms are allowed to deliver non-essential goods. Similarly, the chances of you picking one up from an offline retail store will be quite dim, given that most of them often get double-digit stocks, with the lion’s share going to e-commerce platforms. 

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PS5 Digital Edition India launch date also May 17th

Interestingly enough, Sony never launched the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition in India. That is set to change now, as the cheaper (Rs 39,990) PS5 Digital Edition is all set to hit the Indian market on May 17th. However, it could remain exclusive to Sony’s own ShopAtSC (via IGN India) platform. Availability could be an issue too, as Sony doesn’t seem to be too keen about making too many of those. 

Furthermore, it is unclear as to how many consoles will be available for purchase this time around. One can only hope that it is more than the measly 4,000 that arrived in the first round. However, the chances of one managing to snag a console is still low, as it will very likely sell out in minutes, if not seconds. Lastly, we don’t know just when the stocks will arrive, so we may have to keep our eyes out at all times, lest we miss the two-minute window in which the console was available for purchase. 

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