Overwatch is getting cross-play, cross-progression coming soon

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Crossplay is finally coming to Overwatch, but Blizzard says the process won’t be super straightforward.

Today Blizzard confirmed Overwatch is getting cross-play between PC and consoles. There’s a few trade-offs, though. Cross-progression won’t be available at launch, so all your unlocks and content won’t carry over between platforms. PC players also can’t turn off cross-play, and competitive modes won’t support the feature.

Here’s a few details from Game Director Aaron Keller:

“For competitive play specifically, you will not be able to play as a party consisting of both PC and console players together. They will each have their own separate matchmaking modes.”

“If you’re a console player and you solo queue into Quick Play with cross-play enabled, you will be matched with other console players and not PC players.

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“If you are a console player and you form a party with console players and PC players, you will be placed in the PC matchmaking pool and play with PC players as well as groups that consist of PC and console players.”

Overwatch cross-play details

  • Cross-progression won’t be available at launch, Blizzard is working on it
  • Console players have to create and link Battle.net account in order to participate in cross-play
  • Some game modes have special rules, Competitive isn’t compatible with cross-play
  • Console players will play with other consoles by default, PC players will play with other PC players as well as console players

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