‘Oh my gosh’ UFO report to bust open the mysterious alien link

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An unclassified report from the Pentagon and the US director for national intelligence is expected to bust open the mysterious link between Navy sighting of UFO’s and aliens.

While the report is highly anticipated, it may be underwhelming when it finally is released because many people are anticipating intelligence bodies to confirm the sighting are aliens. Unfortunately, that isn’t the goal of the report, as US intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon, have said that the goal of the report is to establish if there is a link between the sightings and other countries.

According to two officials who have been briefed on the report and decided to speak on the condition of anonymity, the coming report won’t disclose or confirm aliens in any way. The officials said that the report found no link between extraterrestrial existence and the sightings and videos that are being used as “evidence“.

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In one video, Navy pilots are heard saying, “Oh my gosh, man. What… is it?

Rubio, a top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee and its former chairman, said, “I am going off what our military men and their radars and their eyesight is telling them,” Rubio said. “There are multiple highly trained, highly competent people.

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