Oculus Quest update adds accessibility and multitasking features

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Oculus started rolling out update v30 to Quest and Quest 2 today. The latest platform update brings new accessibility features, multitasking in Infinite Office, and expands Air Link support to the original Quest.


Oculus added a new color correction system, which allows you to change the system-level color settings. The company said the update would “increase legibility of color that art commonly difficult to differentiate.” The color correction option gives you three color presets; Deuteranomaly (green-red), Protanomoly (red-green), and Tritanoomaly (blue-yellow).

The new update also includes a new feature called Raise View, which allows you to adjust the height of your vantage point by up to 16-inches, enabling you to play standing games from a seated position.

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The new Quest update also adds a new multitasking feature for theInfinite Office productivity solution. With v30, you can open multiple 2D apps and run them side-by-side so you can switch from one task to another much quicker. However, the multitasking feature is in the experimental phase, which means you must opt-in to use it. You’ll find the setting under the Experimental Features section of the Quest settings.

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Infinite Office is a Quest 2 exclusive feature, but Quest 1 owners have something else to look forward to with the v30 rollout. Oculus introduced Air Link earlier this year, which allows you to play PC VR content on your Quest 2 via a local Wi-Fi connection. With Oculus software update v30, owners of the original Quest can ditch the Link cable and swap it for Air Link.

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The final new feature is Microphone Swapping, which allows you to switch between private party chat and app chat on-the-fly so you can talk to strangers in match even when you’re in a group chat with friends.

Oculus software v30 is rolling out to Quest headsets now. Oculus releases its updates in slow drips so you may have to wait a few days for the update to come through.

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