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After a year of silence, Netflix is finally sharing another Stranger Things season 4 trailer. The short video looks like a flashback from Eleven’s past, and suggests that the next chapter of Stranger Things could look even deeper into her supernatural origin story.

Back in September 2019, which feels like a lifetime ago, Netflix shared a short teaser video for Stranger Things series 4 with the caption “we’re not in Hawkins anymore.” The streaming service followed up with a trailer in February of 2020, which you shouldn’t watch unless you’ve seen season 3.

But after just two weeks of filming, COVID-19 put Stranger Things season 4 production to a halt. Netflix waited until September of 2020 to resume work on the project, which explains the long gap between trailers.

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Judging by the “001/004” and “002/004” captions beneath Netflix’s Stranger Things trailers, we should probably expect two more trailers to drop in the near future. The content of those trailers will give us a better idea of the new season’s direction, but judging by what we’ve seen, it looks like the series is moving away from Hawkins to flesh out Eleven’s origin story and build on the conspiracies introduced in previous seasons.

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