NASA boss on UFOs: ‘we don’t know if it’s an enemy’

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NASA is in the middle of the entire UFO + UAP debacle, where “unidentified aerial phenomena” (which is now the politically correct term for UFO, I guess) are blasted all over the headlines.

Bill Nelson recently became the new boss of NASA and in a new interview with CNN Business, Nelson was asked about UFOs. CNN asked: “Americans have long been fascinated by UFOs, and the public has seen the videos that our Navy pilots have taken, and they’ve heard their accounts. Do you think that we have been contacted by extraterrestrials?”

He of course gives a great non-answer to the last bit about being contacted by extraterrestrials, so he’s fitting into his role at NASA well in his first month. Nelson said: “Well, I have talked to those Navy pilots, and they are sure that they saw something. And of course we’ve seen their video from their jets. What is it, we don’t know“.

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He added: “So, now that I’m here at NASA I’ve turned to our scientists, and I’ve said, ‘Would you, look at it from scientific standpoint. See if you can determine what it is so we can have a better idea. We don’t know if it’s extraterrestrial. We don’t know if it’s an enemy. We don’t know if it’s an optical phenomenon. We don’t think it’s an optical phenomenon because of the characteristics that those Navy jet pilots described“.

CNN also asked about the Pentagon and its upcoming UFO report, where the media outlet asked if NASA had been briefed on this report, whether Nelson and NASA have been involved, and if he thinks NASA should be “more involved” when it comes to UFOs or UAPs.

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He replied: “I was actually briefed on this a couple of years ago in my capacity on the Senate Armed Services Committee. NASA, appropriately, is going to look at it through the lens of its scientists. We are involved in this research, and I’ve started. I’ve been here a month, and I’ve started“.

We are not directly working with the Pentagon, but I can guarantee you, if we find something, the Pentagon will know“.

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