More games to support Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume soon

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Microsoft’s Jason Ronald teases new upgrades coming to next-gen Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2021, including big enhancements to existing and upcoming games.

In a recent Major Nelson podcast, Xbox’s Jason Ronald briefly outlined some of the updates coming to the next-gen Xbox duo in 2021. First, Ronald says that quick resume is a big priority. Microsoft wants to bring the groundbreaking new feature to as many games as possible. Microsoft may even give gamers full control over the Quick Resume save state slots at some point.

Other updates include Game DVR improvements, upgrades to the mobile app to add things like achievements, and better sharing integration. That last part is pretty important considering the Series X/S can’t easily transfer captured screenshots and video right to a USB stick.

The bigger features weren’t confirmed or announced just yet. We don’t know what they could be, but rumors suggest more backwards compatibility upgrades are incoming. This depends largely on developers, though, and older games already run incredible well on the Series X.

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Here’s what Xbox’s Jason Ronald said in the podcast:

“This is really just the beginning. We got a lot of really exciting things coming down the pipeline in the coming months and in the coming years. We’re also partnering closely with key game developers from all across the industry to really take full advantage of all the next-gen capabilities that we’ve put in the Xbox Series X and Series S, and we really are excited as we get further into the year and towards this holiday to start sharing more details about what’s in development and how you can really take advantage of these next-gen platforms.”

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