Microsoft Edge’s Collections Are Getting a Handy Update

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Now it’s even easier to add websites and get work done with Collections.

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Microsoft has been working hard to make its Chromium Edge browser the best it can be, given how it’s the software giant’s best offering in the browser wars. Now, Microsoft has announced some tweaks to the Collections panel that makes it a lot easier to use.

Microsoft’s Changes to Edge’s Collections Panel

You can see all the details over on the Tech Community website. The changes aren’t live on the main branch just yet, but you can try them today on the Canary and Dev channels.

If you’ve never used Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature, it’s like an organized bookmarking system. They’re fantastic for assembling articles and webpages under a specific banner, and you can add notes for future reference. In fact, we named it one of the features that makes Edge more productive than Chrome.

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The thing is, the Collections panel currently appears on the side of the browser. This means that every time you opened the Collections panel, the webpage you’re currently looking at gets squished to the side until you close the panel again.

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Microsoft is fixing this problem by turning these side panels into windows that appear on top of the website. Microsoft has previously changed the history and favorites panels to “pop-out” like this, and Collections will soon join them.

However, if you do like Collections to sit on the side, the update will let you pin the panel there so it doesn’t automatically close when you click away. Once Collections is pinned, you can click and drag websites directly into your collections to save time.

Speaking of speeding things up, you can now add a website to a collection with two clicks. When you’re on an interesting website, click the Collections button, then click the plus icon that appears when you hover over a collection. Collections will then save the website you’re currently on into your chosen collection.

Fortunately, the new rework doesn’t mess much with how Collections works.  You can still export a collection into Word or Pinterest, so don’t worry about that.

Showing Some Affection for Collections

If you like Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s getting a handy revamp in a coming update. Microsoft is on a quest to make Edge’s UI easier to use, so this is unlikely to be the last time we’ll see UI tweaks that aid productivity.

The Collections update is just one of many updates that turn Microsoft Edge into a productivity dream. The tech giant has previously added the ability to rename windows and use sticky notes on PDF files to help you with your work.

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Microsoft Edge Is Becoming a Productivity Dream

Microsoft’s next move for Edge is to use one of Chrome’s planned features before Chrome gets it.

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