It’s about to get easier to work across Microsoft Teams and Office, thanks to Fluid components

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Microsoft announced several new features and changes for hybrid working today. Among the changes is an expansion of Fluid components to Microsoft Teams meetings, OneNote, Outlook, and Whiteboard. These components allow people to work synchronously or asynchronously across Teams and Office apps.

Fluid components move away from having content locked to specific apps. For example, you could edit a table in Excel while another person edits the same table embedded into Word. By adding support for Teams, Outlook, OneNote, and Whiteboard, the versatility of these components greatly increases.

With Fluid components, people could create a list of tasks or notes within a meeting on Teams. Meeting participants could also assign those tasks to specific people. The notes and other contents created in the meeting will automatically be placed in the new meeting notes home of OneNote.

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In addition to expanding Fluid components to more apps, Microsoft explains that new chat features will support asynchronous collaboration. These features will help “keep the work moving forward in between meetings,” according to Microsoft.

Within chats, you’ll be able to pin a message and reply to a specific chat message while maintaining context across meetings.

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