How Will 5G Change the Future of Gaming?

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5G offers an array of benefits that gaming brands can exploit. Let’s see how this will impact the future gaming landscape.

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5G is here, and it is bringing a new standard of cellular performance along with it. While 5G should make dropped calls and spotty coverage less likely, it has other ramifications as well. In particular, 5G could usher in a new era of gaming in which mobile devices are king.

We can leverage the benefits of 5G to provide high-quality gaming experiences on mobile. The improved streaming capabilities of 5G are perfect for cloud gaming, for example. This article will explain what 5G is and how it will affect the future of gaming.

What Is 5G and Why Is It a Big Deal?

5G is the new technology standard for cellular networks. It is the successor to 4G, which most phones still rely on in 2021. 5G marks a big leap forward in cellular network technology, because it provides vast improvements in performance compared to 4G.

5G offers higher peak data speeds we can measure in gigabytes per second (Gbps). It also offers ultra low latency, improved reliability, and massive network capacity. This is a real boon for cloud gaming platforms, particularly those offering 4K gaming.

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What Is Cloud Gaming and Why Hasn’t It Taken Off?

Cloud gaming is a form of gaming which involves playing titles that are stored on servers separate from your device. In cloud gaming, you stream the game to your device in order to play it. You don’t have to download or install anything apart from the platform you’re using to play it.

Cloud gaming is an up-and-coming form of gaming that has kind of failed to take off. In fact, most people don’t know what cloud gaming is. This failure to launch is because of several constraints which hinder performance. Namely, low network bandwidth and high latency prevent cloud gaming services from running as smoothly as possible.

The Effects of 5G on Cloud Gaming

5G is a dream come true for cloud gaming, because it removes the constraints that have been holding it back for years. 5G will make streaming games on mobile devices smoother than ever, which will turn mobile devices into cloud gaming machines.

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The Benefits of Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices already make for convenient gaming platforms. When combined with 5G, they will be a force to reckon with. A few industry experts think phones will draw people away from game consoles in the coming years.

When gaming on PC or console, you have to wait for your system to boot up, wait for your games to load, and manage disk space. You also have to be next to your gaming setup the entire time. Mobile gaming, especially cloud gaming, does not have these problems. You can be on the move and you don’t have to invest too much time into your gaming sessions.

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Phones are also much cheaper than consoles or gaming PCs. They make gaming more accessible and affordable. When 5G hits, people will no longer need next-gen consoles or high-end gaming PCs to have improved gaming experiences.

Finally, mobile devices can make excellent AR or VR devices, eliminating the need for a VR headset. Mobile devices are an all-in-one solution for AR/VR gaming, which further diversifies the kinds of games that you can play on mobile.

How Game and Tech Companies Plan on Using 5G

Game and tech companies are already looking at 5G and cloud gaming as opportunities to capitalize on. The mobile gaming industry is enormous, and it is now ready to rival the console gaming industry.

Therefore, game companies are looking to expand their mobile offerings. PlayStation announced they plan on bringing games to mobile. And many other game companies are following suit. Expect AAA studios to put out mobile games soon, if they haven’t already.

Non-gaming companies see this as an opportunity to get into the games business. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have all built cloud gaming platforms that are ready to go. Microsoft xCloud, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia are the names of each service.

Microsoft has been in the gaming scene for years (with Xbox and studios like Bungie), but Amazon and Google are using these cloud gaming platforms as attempts to break into the gaming industry.

The Future of Gaming Is Mobile


5G is going to change gaming by enabling mobile devices to stream high-quality games at record-breaking speeds. This will turn mobile devices into cloud gaming machines.

This is an exciting opportunity for gamers, especially ones who could not afford high-end gaming devices previously. If you can afford a 5G mobile device in the years to come, then you may have all you need to experience some of the best games of the future.

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