How to Add and Manage Bookmarks on Kindle

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You can use bookmarks on your Kindle to mark specific pages and easily jump to them.

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Your Kindle is a device full of useful features. One of those is the ability to add one or more bookmarks to a given book, allowing you to easily locate and navigate between parts of your book.

Adding bookmarks on your Kindle is an easy and intuitive process. Here’s how you can use the bookmark feature on your Kindle to enhance your reading experience.

How to Add a Bookmark on Kindle

Adding a bookmark on a Kindle.

Even though your Kindle will automatically remember where you last stopped reading your book, adding bookmarks allows you to jump between specific sections of your book whilst keeping your place, as well as mark important pages in your book.

To add a bookmark, tap the top-right of your screen to bring up the bookmark menu. Then, tap the + icon to add your current page as a bookmark.

A bookmarked page on a Kindle.

A black bookmark icon should now appear on the top-right of your page, signifying that you’ve bookmarked it.

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How to Navigate to a Bookmark on Kindle

Navigating to a bookmark on a Kindle.

If you want to look at another part of your book (for example, the previous chapter), you can now do so and jump back to where you were quickly and easily.

To jump to your bookmarked page from anywhere in your book, simply bring up the bookmark menu by tapping the top-right of your screen and select your bookmark.

A mini version of your bookmarked page should overlay your current page. Tap that mini-page to return to your bookmarked page.

How to Delete a Bookmark on Kindle

Selecting a bookmark on Kindle.

If you’re done with your bookmark, or you’ve accidentally bookmarked a page, deleting a bookmark on your Kindle shouldn’t take more than a second or two.

To delete your bookmark, bring up the bookmark menu and select your bookmark. Then, tap the x icon beside it, which should remove that bookmark from your bookmark menu.

If you return to the page that was bookmarked, the black bookmark icon should now be gone from the top-right of the screen.

You Can Utilize Multiple Bookmarks in the Same Book

The Kindle bookmark menu with multiple bookmarks.

With your Kindle’s bookmark feature, you can bookmark several sections of your chosen book, making it easy to jump to specific points, not just general points like the beginning of a chapter.

If you want to add multiple bookmarks throughout your book, simply follow the process outlined above for each page in your book you want to easily jump to.

You should see each bookmark you add in your bookmark menu, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between them, as well as delete them.

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You Can Bookmark More Than One Book

What’s also great about your Kindle’s bookmark feature is that you can add bookmarks to more than one book, not just to the book you’re currently reading.

This means you can mark as many pages as you like across a variety of books without worrying that all your previous bookmarks will suddenly vanish.

However, this does mean that if you want to clear all the bookmarks in a given book, you must select that book and delete every bookmark individually.

But, as it’s very quick and easy to delete a bookmark, it shouldn’t take long, even if you’ve racked up quite a few virtual dog-eared pages during your reading.

Easily Navigate Your Ebook

Bookmarking with your Kindle adds another layer of intuition to an already streamlined device, letting you quickly access the parts of a book that mean a lot to you.

It’s worth exploring what your Kindle can do to give you a reading experience that’s tailored to your preferences.

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