Flying in UFO between San Francisco and London would take 27 minutes

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Ever sat there and wondered “gee, I wonder how long it would take me to fly between San Francisco and London in a UFO”. I know, me too… and now we know just how long thanks to a handy UFO Travel Calculator.

The UFO Travel Calculator was born out of the massively renewed interest in all-things UFOs, UAPs, aliens, off-world vehicles not made on this earth, and everything in-between. A team of scientists then devised a tool that would calculate the speeds of these purported UFOs.

This calculator works out the speed in which UFOs could travel, with the scientists using engineering and aeronautical principles in order to work out the “advanced technology” inside of these next-gen spacecraft that are probably slow course disclosure, i.e. the military teasing their aircraft while saying “gee guys, we have no idea what that is”.

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Anyway, the UFO Travel Calculator is hosted by the Omni Calculator Project, with Omni Calculator Project, creator and mechanical engineer Rahul Singh Dhari explains: “This calculator considers the UFOs as flying objects of some advanced technology and takes it on from a design engineering perspective. Like with our modern aircraft, I have tried to design them from essential variables – like wing loading and thrust to weight ratio. Based on those parameters and certain assumptions, we can try to estimate their speeds“.

You can check out the UFO Travel Calculator here or even easier, I’ve got it embedded below:

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