Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris map and rewards for June 18-22

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The ultra-competitive Crucible PvP mode Trials of Osiris is live in Destiny 2 from June 18 until June 22, and if you want to participate, you’ll need to select its playlist in the Crucible area of the Director menu. In this weekend-exclusive mode, two teams of three players duke it out over multiple rounds. The team that fully defeats the other wins the round (there are no objectives on the map to worry about), and the team that wins the most rounds wins the match. The members of the winning team then have a win added to their Trials card. Getting three, five, and seven wins on your card will net you pieces of special Trials gear that are exclusive to the gamemode and aren’t obtainable anywhere else, and if you win seven games in a row on one Trials card, you’ll achieve the coveted flawless status.

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Going flawless allows you and your team to head to the Lighthouse, which is where you’ll receive an Adept variant of a Trials weapon (notably, perk rolls are still randomized). Players can apply powerful Adept mods on these weapons, making them more valuable than non-Adept counterparts. However, getting three losses on your Trials card will reset it. Therefore, it’s crucial to play smart and communicate with your teammates efficiently if you want to getall of the rewards that are on offer during each week of Trials. Saint-14 in The Tower can also be given Trials of Osiris tokens that you earn while playing in exchange for some additional armor pieces or weapons. This is a great way to get even more loot each week alongside your standard winnings, so don’t forget to turn in your tokens; they disappear when Trials ends at weekly reset every Tuesday.

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The map that Trials matches take place on changes every week. This week, Trials takes place on Altars of Flame, which is a relatively open map with some tight spaces by the team spawns and the middle area. Snipers, scout rifles, and pulse rifles are great here, but hand cannons, auto rifles, and fusion rifles can also work. In the tight areas, SMGs and shotguns reign supreme.

The gear that you get from playing well in Trials of Osiris is typically some of the best in the game. This week, you can earn Trials leg armor, the Exile’s Curse fusion rifle, Trials chest armor, and an Adept Eye of Sol sniper rifle.

  • 3 Wins: Trials Legs (Armor)
  • 5 Wins: Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 Wins: Trials Chest (Armor)
  • Flawless: Eye of Sol (Adept) (Sniper Rifle)
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Are you a big Trials of Osiris fan, or are you new to the mode? Are you interested in trying it out, or do you think it’s not the right type of PvP experience? Let me know. The latest Destiny 2 expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, is available now for $40 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The base game is free, so if you’re looking to try Destiny 2 out before investing any money, you can do so. If you do decide to try the game, don’t miss my beginner’s guide on how to get into Destiny 2 in 2021. Also, for some builds that will improve your effectiveness in Trials, check out my guide to the best Destiny 2 builds, and how to make your own. Don’t miss my roundup of the 10 best Destiny 2 weapons you need to farm in Season of the Splicer either, as several of them are very effective in PvP.

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