Citroën Is Invading the U.S. with Its Tiny, $6,000 Electric “Car” – Review Geek

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It’s not uncommon for people in big cities to rent electric bikes or scooters. But have you ever rented an electric car? Using a service called Free2Move, French automaker Citroën plans to rent out its small electric vehicle, called the Ami, in select cities across the United States.

Wait, does this thing count as an electric car? The Citroën Ami costs just $6,000 thanks to crazy cost-cutting measures, like plastic seats and a mirrored design (the front and back ends of the car are identical). It’s a comically small vehicle at just 8 feet long and 4.5 feet wide, and because it only has a top speed of 28 MPH, children as young as 14 can drive it through the streets of France.

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After a soft launch in Washington DC and Portland, people across the United States can rent the Ami through the Free2Move service. But this service probably won’t come in handy outside of some cities and downtown areas. The Ami is too slow for the highway, and it can only go 44 miles on a charge.

Free2Move hasn’t announced pricing for its service, but the Ami only costs $6,000, so renting one should be a lot cheaper than leasing a real car. Rentals with Free2Move also include maintenance and insurance, so you’re not on the hook if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a Citroën Ami in the United States just yet, so you’re stuck paying Free2Move a monthly fee if you want to use one.

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