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CD Projekt vice president of game design leaves because of ‘bad blood’


After 17 years with CD Projekt RED, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has left the studio to avoid further "bad blood."

A while back, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz was accused of aggressive behavior by other developers at CD Projekt. Tomaszkiewicz was high on CD Projekt's totem pole having served as game director on Witcher 3 and its two expansions, then moving to design director on Cyberpunk 2077. In February 2019, Tomaszkiewicz was promoted to vice president of game development at the company.

The developer was said to have used his position to "mob", or intimidate/bully other workers. Although CD Projekt's investigations ultimately saw him as innocent, Tomaszkiewicz has stepped down from the studio. He was expected to lead the charge on CD Projekt's next Witcher game which is should begin development as early as 2022.

"Nonetheless, a lot of people are feeling fear, stress or discomfort when working with me," he said in an email obtained by Bloomberg. The dev then said he is sorry "for all the bad blood I have caused."


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