Call of Duty Vanguard built for next-gen PS5, Series X consoles

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Call of Duty Vanguard (COD 2021) will leverage the power of next-gen PS5, Series X hardware, Activision confirms.

This year’s Call of Duty will shine bright on next-gen consoles. Activision confirms that Sledgehammer has built the WWII-based Call of Duty Vanguard game specifically with next-gen consoles in mind, and may achieve ray-tracing, 120FPS, and 4K resolution similar to Black Ops Cold War.

Activision confirms Vanguard is:

  • On track for Fall release
  • Built for next-gen experience, stunning visuals across campaign, multiplayer, and co-op
  • Designed to integrate with and enhance Call of Duty ecosystem

“The game is looking great. We’re very excited about this year’s Call of Duty,” Activision said.

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The Call of Duty franchise has also delivered $3 billion last year, and Activision previously said it expects CoD 2021 to sell less copies that Black Ops Cold War.

This story is still developing and more information will be published soon.

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