Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors of Winter 2021

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When you drop a few hundred dollars on a new piece of tech, you’re probably going to want to protect your purchase from scratches and dings. The Nintendo Switch is no exception! Since Nintendo has abandoned the clamshell design of the Nintendo DS line, Switches are prone to their screens getting scratched up if you carry them with you on the go. Actually, they can even be scratched when they are simply sitting in the dock!

Screen protectors are an easy, and often cheap, way to protect the Switch’s screen. But, with a deluge of options available on Amazon, it quickly becomes difficult to tell the difference between quality protectors and ones that won’t fit the screen or peel after a few months. We have you, and your screen, covered, though! Check out our picks for the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors below!

Before we get started, there is something important to note: You need to buy the right screen protectors based on if you have the Nintendo Switch, or the Nintendo Switch Lite! The two Switch models have different screen sizes, so protectors will not be compatible with one another.

Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

If you have an original Nintendo Switch, you know that the screen can easily get scratched or scuffed moving it in and out of the dock. Help prevent damage to your console with these Nintendo Switch screen protectors:

    Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

    Spigen Quality Screen Protection

    If you’re not happy with Hori brand products, you can’t go wrong with a Spigen screen protector! Spigen is a well-known brand for mobile cases and screen protectors, and they bring that same quality to the Nintendo Switch with their easy-to-apply tempered screen protector. Check it out!
    BRHE Dockable Switch Protective Case Cover for Nintendo Switch

    All Around Switch Protection

    Sure, you could get just a set of screen protectors, or you can protect the entirety of your Switch in one go!The bundle comes with a quality screen protector, as well as a thing cover for the Switch and Joy-Cons themselves, and grip covers for the analog sticks. It’s all dock-friendly, too!

Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protectors

Portable devices are prone to being jostled around a bag, and that means the screens can get scratched simply from coming into contact with some keys, or a sharp corner. These Nintendo Switch Lite screen protectors will make sure to keep your screen in pristine condition:

    Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Protective Filter

    Official Nintendo Protection

    A bad screen protector can damage your screen with faulty glue! Skip the frustration with the officially licensed Nintendo Switch screen protectors by Hori, specifically designed to fit the Switch Lite’s screen and backed by the Nintendo Seal of Quality.
    Kiwihome Screen Protector Bundle

    Screen Protectors and Analog Grips

    Kiwihome’s Nintendo Switch Lite screen protector bundle has both a screen protector, as well as analog grips. This screen protector is an easy install too, offering helpful guides to make sure the protector is placed properly. Check it out!
    ProCase Nintendo Switch Lite and Flip Case Bundle
    Miss the protection of the clamshell Nintendo DS? Well, this screen protector and case combo will be your best bet. Get two screen protectors and a thin flip case that matches the color of your Switch Lite for just $20!

Which Nintendo Switch screen protector should you grab? Of course, it depends on whether you have the original Switch or the Switch Lite, but you really can’t go wrong with Hori’s official screen protectors for both the original Switch and Switch Lite. You can be absolutely sure these screen protectors will fit the screen properly because it has the Nintendo Seal of Quality. Nintendo doesn’t just give those out to anyone! The Switch also has touch controls, and Hori’s screen protector is guaranteed to work with the touch screen.

From there, you can’t go wrong with Spigen. They make quality phone cases and screen protectors, and this will definitely be the case with the Nintendo Switch, too. The Spigen Nintendo Switch screen protector is just a little more expensive than the official Hori one, but Spigen has plenty of experience creating tempered glass screen protectors, so you know you’re getting quality.

You can always take a look through Amazon’s selection and try some other screen protectors, too. Is there one that isn’t on this list that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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