8 Ways to Make Your Blog More Visually Appealing

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A professional and artistic taste is essential when creating a distinct space in the world of blogging. If you’re a blogger, your main objective is to keep people on your site.

If your blog isn’t well constructed and visually appealing, web traffic will move elsewhere. However, this article will show you free and simple ways to keep your blog posts engaging and visually pleasing.

Why Are Visually Appealing Blog Posts Important?

visually appealing blog posts reduce bounce rate

Having a blog on your site is one of the most affordable ways to increase traffic. However, this strategy only works when the blog retains users for enough time to convert them into leads or sales.

You’ll need to develop a visually attractive blog so that your site can achieve the following:

  • You will get higher user activity on your website or blog post in comparison to your competitors.
  • Each reader will feel that you value them, and subsequently, they will develop trust in you.
  • Satisfied readers will share your blog posts with their friends and family.
  • Higher user engagements with your blog post will increase its chance to rank on Google or Bing.
  • You’ll get many leads, and consequently, more sales.

If you plan on starting a blog, use the following tips to make your blog posts stand out.

1. Use the Best Theme for Your Blog

Choose the Best Website or WordPress Theme

As soon as the user lands on your blog post, they look at the website layout. Therefore, you need to have a professional-looking theme for your site. You also don’t need to worry about going beyond your budget for the website, as many attractive themes are freely available.

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Themes for WordPress, or any other website builder, also save you from formatting every element like color schemes, layouts, headers, fonts, etc. Themes automate all formatting processes, which can help you get a headstart on designing your blog.

2. Choose a Set of Attractive Color Schemes

Blog color palette

Big enterprises often choose the color schemes for their websites, logos, and products in a way that the target audience can emotionally connect with. You should employ this strategy to develop an eye-catching and emotionally appealing blog.

You can research more on how color psychology can help you in assessing your audience. Moreover, you can also consult the best website developers, UI/UX designers, and graphic designers to devise the perfect color scheme strategy for your blog.

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Pexels stock image site

Readers will see your blog posts’ featured images before they even read them. Therefore, your featured images must relate to the content. It will immediately create a long-lasting impression on the reader.

You can use freely available stock photos from websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Creative Commons, and Flickr, as featured images.

Some bloggers also prefer to add a touch of personalization to stock photos by adding overlay texts. You can explore online image editing tools like Canva, Crello, Visme, and Design Wizard for this purpose.

4. Make Paragraphs Bite-Sized, Yet Full of Information

Make Blog Paragraphs Concise

Successful bloggers put emphasis on using bite-sized paragraph formats. Readers tend to move away from blog posts that contain large text blocks.

Being a quality blogger and freelance content writer, you’re putting a lot of time into content research. But, if you try to stuff tons of data into one or two paragraphs, the readers will face a lot of stress when reading the content.

You should choose different ways to present well-researched data to the readers. Along with paragraphs, you need to add multiple headings, sub-headings, bulleted lists, charts and graphs, and tables to make your text easier to digest.

5. Leave Enough White Space

Adopt Minimalism for Blog Visuals

Minimalism is the latest trend. When you employ the “less is more” philosophy to create a stunning blog, it doesn’t mean that you need to cut down on word counts.

Instead, employ minimalism in your posts by following these tips:

  • At the beginning of the blog post, use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Try to add easy-to-understand tables and bulleted lists as much as you can.
  • Use relevant animations, videos, images, and GIFs—but don’t overuse these.
  • Show ads, but display them in a way that doesn’t force the user to move away from your blog.
  • Add fewer call-to-action, callouts, and “contact us” forms, so that readers don’t get deprived of white spaces.

6. Add Relevant Multimedia to Blog Posts

Keep Highly Relevant and Data-Backed Multimedia

Multimedia is the most successful form of conveying a meaningful message to your readers. You’ll need to add relevant images, GIFs, videos, infographics, slideshows, and interactive animations. This helps keep the readers engaged with your blog posts.

Add multimedia to your blog uniformly. You can add images and videos just after headings, sub-headings, or beneath the content, but keep your formatting consistent throughout your blog posts.

social media platform icons

Strategically place click-to-share buttons on your blog posts to encourage readers to share your content. The idea behind this is that the readers don’t have to put any effort into sharing your blog post on social media.

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8. Add a Human Touch With an Author Bio

Author bio

Readers prefer to learn something factual from a human being. Hence, you should add an author bio section to your blog posts, preferably at the beginning or at the end of the post. For blogs, where multiple contributors publish content, an author bio is essential.

Readers typically want to see the following in an author bio:

  • A genuine photograph of the author. This leaves a big impact on the reader in terms of the trust in the blog post.
  • Information about the author to show their credibility, achievements, and qualifications.

Give Your Blog a Boost

There are multiple ways to add value to your blog posts. However, the most successful, time-saving, and affordable techniques are the ones outlined above. Having engaging featured images, concise paragraphs, videos, a lot of white space, and a top-class theme can attract more readers to your blog.

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