2 New iOS 15 Apple Wallet Features to Replace Your Wallet

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iOS 15 has redefined Apple Wallet and has incorporated several important features to make this virtual wallet the new normal. Apple is aiming to replace physical wallets, and what a convenience that would be.

Let’s take a look at what fantastic new features have been announced for the Apple Wallet in WWDC 2021 and say goodbye to misplacing your wallet.

1. Save Various ID Cards in Apple Wallet

Apple wallet drivers license.

With iOS 15, you can store your various identity cards in your Apple Wallet. This includes many types of cards, including your passport and even your driver’s license.

That being said, this is potentially the most exciting addition to your Apple Wallet. We’re not sure how Apple will pull this off, but the company has kicked it off by getting certain US states on board to make the feature eligible. Hopefully, it expands all across the US and the rest of the world soon.

The company has said that they are in talks with the US Transportation Security Administration to ensure that you can use your ID cards at the airports soon.

Apple has confirmed that all the data you add to your Apple Wallet will be heavily encrypted, the same way it has done with Apple Pay. This ensures your data remains completely safe.

2. Save Various Keys in Your Apple Wallet

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These include almost all types of keys: keys to hotel rooms, workplaces, and even your homes (provided your home has a smart lock). Thousands of hotels have approved of this and are currently working to include the use of digital keys across their chain.

Apple Wallet already had a CarKey feature before iOS 15, where you would use your phone to unlock your car if the brand had partnered with Apple to use digital car keys.

What Happens if I Lose My iPhone?

We constantly experience the fear of losing our wallets on a regular basis. What happens if it gets snatched, or what if I forget it somewhere? There might not be a way to recover what you’ve lost, and you’d have to go through the lengthy and laborious process of blocking and getting new cards issued for yourself.

If you resort to Apple Wallet instead of your actual one, you will now fear losing your iPhone instead. So, what happens if it falls into the wrong hands or you happen to lose it?

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First and foremost is the barrier your passcode provides. For someone to access that information, they would need to enter your passcode (which is pretty tricky unless your passcode is mediocre). Make sure you always have a strong passcode to secure your iPhone.

Secondly, you have the option to quickly delete sensitive information from your Apple Wallet and not risk anything. Your physical cards are still with you, and your private information will not fall into the wrong hands. Win-win, isn’t it?

When it comes to the safety and security of essential documents on your device, you might have some doubts about cybersecurity in general. Apple has had an impressive run when it comes to a user’s privacy, especially with the recent release of App Tracking Transparency and the new privacy features in iOS 15, meaning it is unlikely the company has overlooked this in the slightest.

Is Replacing Your Physical Wallet Really the Best Option?

While having your keys, license, ID card, debit cards, and phone all in one may sound like a good idea, but putting all your apples in one basket does have its cons, too.

In the event that your phone runs out of charge, and you find yourself without a wallet in your pocket, you’re going to be in big trouble. You will be unable to use any of your keys, and you may not have a method to pay if you’re relying on the cards in your Apple Wallet.

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Similarly, there can be tons of scenarios where being solely dependent on just your iPhone device can lead to frustrating consequences.

However, it is important to note that Apple has just begun incorporating these features. We are unsure about how effective it will be if it applies to ID Cards across all states and if the legal forces fully comply with the use of a virtual driver’s license. Our wallets will be around for a while now, but a prospective pathway has been created.

Apple Wallet: A Replacement for Your Physical Wallet

Apple is well-known for its ambitious leaps when it comes to releasing new hardware and software. The features incorporated in iOS 15 for Apple Wallet are definitely one of them.

With the addition of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, home keys, badges for your workplace, and even keys to your hotel rooms, there’s not much that the Apple Wallet can’t hold when compared to your physical wallet.

The eligibility of the features varies depending on region and location, but we’re certainly looking forward to seeing how Apple fares in its journey of attempting to create the best digital wallet there is.

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